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Why Ignoring a Toothache Could Prove Fatal

November 24, 2022

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Like most people, you probably tend to ignore minor aches and pains. After all, aren’t these things a natural part of everyday life? Why should you pay much attention to them? However, you really shouldn’t disregard a persistent toothache. As it turns out, the condition can turn deadly in some cases! To prove this claim, your local dental practice is here with the evidence. Read on to learn why a toothache in Willow Grove needs timely treatment from a qualified dentist.

Can Ignoring a Toothache Be Fatal?

Even if it doesn’t seem serious, a toothache can point to an infection — a condition where plaque builds up around a tooth’s root. When the latter happens, your pearly white will send pain signals to your brain as it fights the invading bacteria.

Left untreated, a tooth infection will spread to your jaw and the rest of your body. You could then experience the following conditions:


If your tooth’s infection spreads too far, it may trigger inflammation throughout your body. This chain reaction, called sepsis, could then damage your organs and cause them to fail. You should thus watch out for this condition’s symptoms, including fever, difficulty breathing, low bread pressure, and more.


Studies have shown tooth infection is linked to meningitis. This disease, a life-threatening swelling of the brain and spinal cord membranes, is especially dangerous if you have a weak immune system. In fact, its death rate is as high as 70 percent, according to CDC research.

Respiratory Issues

Once bacteria from an infected tooth reaches your lungs, they can multiply and thus make it hard to breathe. You’ll then be at risk of respiratory issues that lead to death.

How an Emergency Dentist Can Help

Luckily, an emergency dentist can treat a tooth infection if you see them quickly. In particular, they could offer several effective treatments:

  • Abscess Draining: For this option, your dentist would make a small cut into the abscess and drain it of pus.
  • Root Canal: A root canal would remove your infected pulp while saving your tooth as a whole.
  • Tooth Extraction: If your infected tooth can’t be saved, your dentist may need to pull it and drain the abscess.

As you can see, a toothache in Willow Grove isn’t always harmless. That being the case, visit your local dental practice to treat it early!

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