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5 Things Not to Do After Dental Implant Surgery

February 18, 2022

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patient smiling after getting dental implant surgery

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is an excellent way to complete your smile and keep your oral health in good condition. Though they are the tooth replacement option of choice for many dentists and patients alike, not everyone can get dental implants. Read on to learn about five things that will prevent you from moving forward with dental implant surgery.

#1: Don’t Skip Resting

After many surgical procedures, you will need to rest to let your body heal. Dental implants surgery is no different. If you participate in a high-intensity workout or some other kind of intense activity, this can raise your blood pressure and cause you to bleed at the surgical site. Most patients will need a day or two to rest and recover post-op, but some will need up to a week.

#2: Don’t Rinse Your Mouth Out Forcefully

It’s important to rinse your mouth out with either plain water, half a teaspoon of table salt mixed into eight ounces of warm water, nonalcoholic mouthwash, or prescription mouthwash to keep the surgical site bacteria-free. With that being said, rinsing or spitting too forcefully can cause the blood clot forming around your implant to dislodge. This can cause you to bleed and may also impede the healing process.

#3: Don’t Use a Straw

The suction created from using a straw is another thing that can dislodge the blood clot. Along with bleeding and healing issues, this will also raise your risk of infection. Avoid using straws for at least a week after the procedure to avoid these issues.

#4: Don’t Eat Hard, Crunchy, or Spicy Foods

Consuming hard, crunchy, or spicy foods can damage the sensitive tissues around your implants. This can also cause them to become inflamed. Eat soft, bland foods, such as applesauce and other mashed or pureed fruits and veggies, yogurt, smooth soups, and scrambled eggs when you first start out. Work your way up to eating more solid foods once your mouth starts to heal.

#5: Don’t Ignore Persistent Pain

Dental implants have a 95% success rate, so complications are uncommon. Additionally, some soreness and swelling in the first few days after dental implant surgery should be expected. If the pain or discomfort is persistent and lasts longer than a few days, you will need to visit your dentist so they can determine what’s causing it and administer treatment.

Though dental implants are a long-lasting, durable way to replace missing teeth, you have to make sure to take good care of them to keep issues from developing. By doing this, you will be able to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come!

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